• Modern First Editions
    Keywords: Fleming Ian, Cornwell Bernard, Steinbeck, Dahl, Modern Firsts

  • Photography, Photobooks
    Photojournalism 1930's to present. Not signed.
    Keywords: early Magnum, history of photography, exhibition brochures, letters from photographers, some German-language

  • Big game hunting books, Africa - Asia - North America. Also works of African exploration & hunting combined. Privately printed items eagerly sought. Also wanted ephemera (photographs, manuscripts, letters) related to big game hunting.
    Keywords: Big game hunting, hunting, elephant hunting, lion hunting, sheep hunting, tiger hunting, Africa hunting

  • History and Culture Literature Photography, Photobooks
    I have many old and collectible books spanning several genres. Currently, I am looking to downsize my collection, and will have lots of things to trade or sell.
    Keywords: antique, Dante,Milton,reference, First Edition, graphic novel, modern collectibles

  • Americana History and Culture Travel and Exploration
    Keywords: new mexico, taos, tennessee, mexican war, indian captivities, santa fe trail, old south, karl bodmer, taos artists, westward expansion, trans-appalachian migration

  • History and Culture Travel and Exploration
    China, Far East, South-East Asia, especially early periodicals published in the region
    Keywords: Travel, China, Philippines, East Asia, Indian Archipelago

  • 20th Century Astronomy History of Astronomy Science Fiction
    Keywords: Astronomy,History

  • Broad and deep collection of the most important publications in the physical sciences since the mid 1600s, including more than 3,000 individual documents. If it was an important theory or discovery in the physical sciences in the past 350 years, chances are the documents that announced it are in this collection. The collection is described in a comprehensive book titled "History of Physics" that summarizes the concepts and context of each scientific discovery represented in the collection; the scientists contributing to the discovery and their roles; and the most important documents published by the scientists during the process of discovery.
    Keywords: Electricity, electromagnetism, quantum physics, classical physics,astrophysics, cosmology, astronomy, condensed matter physics, relativity, chemistry, mathematical physics, physics technology.

  • civil war, Robert E Lee, Stonewall Jackson
    Keywords: civil war, robert e. lee, stonewall jackson

  • Communal / Utopian Socieities
    Keywords: communal, utopian, shaker, harmony, oneida, "house of david", amana, ballou, bishop hill, ephrata, icaria, koreshan, kerista, millerite, southcott, robert owen, fruitlands, zoar